Introducing Payslip and Time Off features

April 8, 2024

Payslip and Time Off objects have been released, and with it comes the release of a much-requested expansion of our unified HR API: payroll.

HR and payroll are interconnected functions in a company and share critical data on employees, such as hours worked, pay periods, and more. With our integrations, you'll make it easy for your users to handle HR and payroll activities in one place.

In this post, we'll discuss a few ways you can use these new features in your application.

So far, we have added 83 pre-built HR integrations. Check out the complete list of integrations here.

We've initially rolled out Payslip to the following integrations and will be adding to more soon:

We've rolled out Time Off to the following integrations:

Go to the changelog for more detailed feature updates on our integrations.

Payslip use cases

Automated Payroll:

Utilize the Payslip object to automate the generation and distribution of employee payslips. By integrating with HR systems, your application can fetch details like pay period, gross pay, deductions, and net pay, then automatically generate digital payslips. This reduces manual work, increases accuracy, and ensures timely delivery of payslips to employees.

Financial Analysis:

Leverage payslip data to provide comprehensive financial reports and analytics. Your customers can monitor labor costs, track payment trends, and analyze salary information across different departments or projects. This helps in budgeting, forecasting, and making informed decisions regarding human resources allocation and compensation strategies.

Audit Trail:

You can help businesses maintain compliance with labor laws and tax regulations by accessing detailed payslip data, including approval status and comments. This feature enables the creation of an audit trail for each payslip, detailing who approved the payment and any adjustments made. This trail facilitates easy retrieval during audits or inspections, thereby reducing the risk of penalties or fines for non-compliance.

Time Off use cases

Automated Approval Workflows:

When an employee submits a request for PTO, absences or vacation, automatically route it to the appropriate manager for approval, update the employee's remaining leave balance, and send notifications to all stakeholders. This automation reduces administrative overhead, expedites the approval process, and improves the overall efficiency of handling leave requests.

Workforce Planning Tools:

Integrate employee availability into project timelines and staffing plans. Enable your users to adjust project schedules, assign tasks based on available resources, and forecast potential delays based on time off requests.

Analytics for Leave Management:

Utilize the Time Off object to generate detailed reports and insights on leave patterns, such as the frequency of leave requests, peak times for vacation, and leave balances. These insights help your customers identify trends, plan for seasonal variations in staffing needs and make informed decisions about leave policies.


By adding Payslip and Time Off objects, we've deepened the workforce data you now have access to for more comprehensive HR functionality, enriched payroll processing, and enhanced customer compliance reporting in your application.

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