Unified.to helps software teams ship API integrations fast at any scale. We've grown to 16 unified API categories, 200+ integrations, and 600+ distinct data objects.

Our story

Unified.to, backed by Techstars and Creative Destruction Lab, was started by CEO Roy Pereira and CTO Alexey Adamsky after decades of growing frustrations with traditional API integration development.

We believe integrating with APIs should be as easy as an afternoon project. Any SaaS company, at any stage, should be able to connect to their customers' third-party data to power automation, insights, and better user experiences in their applications. Integrations don't have to cost you millions in engineering resources or derail your core product roadmap.

From that, Unified. to's next-generation real-time unified API platform was born. Our customers benefit from fresh data, 10x faster integration launches, and zero maintenance. Software teams are shipping integrations in days rather than years.

In less than a year, we've expanded to categories like e-commerce, accounting, and payroll, were pitch finalists at SXSW, and won the CIX Top 20 Early Award.

Our mission

We're the single data source for modern SaaS companies, unlocking untapped innovation and growth by removing the burden of API integration development.

Why is this important?
  • Modern SaaS and AI applications rely on access to their customers' data scattered across hundreds of APIs.
  • Unified.to enables software teams to integrate just once to add multiple APIs to their products.
Our leadership team
Roy Pereira

CEO & co-founder

Alexey Adamsky

CTO & co-founder

Kailah Bharath

Head of Marketing

Michelle Tomicic

Head of Sales

Our Impact

We're proud members of Toronto's premiere tech community.

We're honored to be part of the Techstars Toronto accelerator summer 2023 cohort.

We've pledged 1% of our equity to support the world-renowned Sick Kid's Hospital.

Our Awards

SXSW 2024 Pitch Finalist (Smart Data)

CIX 2024 Top 20 Early-stage innovative startup in Canada

DevHunt.com Product of the week


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