Our expert team knows what it takes to build API-first integrations at scale. Our mission is to make it easier.

Our story

We've built integrations before. In fact, we've kept building the same 3rd-party integrations over-and-over again at our various previous companies.

Each time, we built them better and made improvements to our architecture.


Building 3rd-party integrations wasn't ever part of our companies' core value-proposition. And that made it harder for our product managers to prioritize them.

But once built, we also had to maintain those integrations. Whenever a 3rd-party vendor changed their API and our customers complained, we had to find time in our roadmap to fix those integrations.

And of course once we launched an integration for one vendor, our customers asked us to support additional vendors.

That's why we built Unified.to.

Our mission

Our mission is to remove the burden from software companies building and maintaining integrations into their customers' 3rd-party accounts.

Why is this important?

  • In today's world, the source of truth for a customer's data is scattered across many vendors.
  • Thus all modern applications need access to their customers' data to effectively perform their main job.

Our leadership team

Roy Pereira

Roy Pereira

CEO & co-founder

Alexey Adamsky

Alexey Adamsky

CTO & co-founder

Kailah Bharath

Kailah Bharath

Head of Marketing

Michelle Tomicic

Michelle Tomicic

Head of Sales

Our Impact

We're proud members of Toronto's premiere tech community.

We're honored to be part of the Techstars Toronto accelerator summer 2023 cohort.

We've pledged 1% of our equity to support the world-renowned Sick Kid's Hospital.


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