Protect customer data from end to end. Unified.to is built to keep your customers’ third-party data confidential and secure.

We're committed to a zero-liability principle

No data caching

We never store or cache your customers' data on Unified.to servers. Thanks to our real-time architecture, third-party API data we receive is transmitted directly to your application.

Protected customer credentials

Keep your customers' credentials secure with OAUTH-2 authentication, while giving your customers full control to revoke access tokens at any time.

Secure access storage

Store your users' OAuth 2 access tokens in your AWS Secrets Manager account with the option for full data protection.

Enhanced authorization and branding

Have full control over branding and security by using your OAuth 2 client IDs and secrets. Have full autonomy over authorization pages and access tokens.

Real-time status updates

Our status pages provide real-time updates on our system for all customers to see. Plus, our expert team is available to support you and respond to questions.

Detailed API logging

Easily access the activities of our APIs via your dashboard or ship your logs to your Datadog instance. Troubleshoot issues and review information in just a few clicks.


Our Unified API scales with you, providing an enterprise-grade secure integrations infrastructure as you grow.