Unified.to Sep 2023 product updates

September 27, 2023

Another month, another roundup of the latest Unified.to product features and updates to explore. Here is everything we've been working on this month like improvements to automated integration testing and new integrations.

Introducing new SDKs

Unified.to just became even more flexible. We now have five SDKs (software development kits) for seamless access to our API. Choose from Typescript, Go, PHP, Java, and Python. The best part? Our SDKs update automatically whenever we expand our Unified APIs. You'll always benefit from the latest features and enhancements, without the burden of manual updates.

SDK overview

Enhancements to automated integration testing

We're all about observability and improving how we test integrations is part of that. In addition to real-time monitoring, we're now tracking new undocumented data fields. This means you'll benefit from a more accurate view of integration data than what you'd typically find in third-party API documentation. Plus, we only observe data shapes, so your customers' data remains secure.

Changelog updates

Enhancements to error codes

We've added more detail to our error codes and will include the additional details automatically in your API logs. We're currently rolling this out to every integration on our platform. If you come across an error response with limited detail, please let us know on Discord.

Multi-URL support for integrations

We now have multi-URL support for our integrations, which means we can accommodate integrations that have distinct API and Authorization/Authentication URLs. You now have the flexibility to select your preferred URL set, such as "Production" or "Sandbox". In addition to environments, we've also extended this feature to integrations that might offer different URL sets for specific data regions (EU or US).

New ATS field: public_job_url

We've added the pubic_job_url field to select integrations in our Unified ATS API, which allows you to obtain a public link to a job posting when retrieving Job objects. This new field is currently supported by Ashby, Lever, TeamTailor, Workable, and Greenhouse. Unified ATS API

Greenhouse integration: multiple new fields

We've expanded our Greenhouse integration with the following fields: job.description, job.location, job.update_at, and job.public_job_urls.

Greenhouse integration

Lever integration: new employee object

We've expanded our Lever integration to support read/write for the employee object. Speaking of Lever, we've partnered this month to simplify how HR tech developers add Lever integrations to their products.

Lever partnershipLever integration

New integrations

Here are the integrations along we've added to our platform this month:

New documentation site

To have built an integration is to have encountered confusing, outdated, or downright terrible third-party API documentation. One of our goals is to provide developers with clear and comprehensive documentation. With that said, we recently improved our API documentation design and content. Take a look, and if something is missing, let us know on Discord.

API documentation

Community highlights

Elevate: Transformations in HR Tech

"HR tech is experiencing an innovation wave that has created an interdependent ecosystem."

— Roy Pereira, CEO at Unified.to

We joined the Elevate Festival this week in Toronto to talk about transformations happening in HR tech and how HR software companies can leverage integrations to grow revenue, improve user experiences, and expand product value.

If you're an HR technology leader and want to learn more about how to leverage integrations, contact us.

Customer: HeroHunt launches ATS integrations

We're helping companies like HeroHunt, AI talent search platform, expand their integrations to access critical third-party data and support more customers.

Thanks to our Unified API, they were able to recently add more than 20+ ATS integrations with platforms like Lever, Greenhouse, and Workday to their product.

One API to integrate them all

You're reading this article on the Unified.to blog. We're a Unified API platform for B2B customer-facing integrations. We're excited to continue to innovate at Unified and solve hard, critical integration-related problems for our customers. If you're curious about our integrations-as-a-service solution, consider signing up for a free account or meet with an integrations expert.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!