Unified.to Apr 2024 product updates

April 30, 2024

We're making it super easy for software companies to grow their product functionality and win more customers through API integrations. Here's everything we shipped in April.

In this update

  • Introducing PayPal
  • This month's integration releases
  • Expanded Virtual Webhook support
  • Payslip and Time Off support for HR integrations
  • Expanded Pagination support
  • Writable fields enhancement
  • Event notifications

Introducing PayPal

PayPal is one of the world's largest online payment systems, offering services in more than 200 countries and processing 40 million daily transactions. PayPay's prominence makes it a highly-requested integration in modern fintech, e-commerce, and accounting software companies.

Today, we're excited to introduce PayPal to the Unified.to platform!

Our pre-built PayPal integration lets you access your customers' real-time payment processing data to enable features like ROI calculations, financial analysis, and invoicing automation. PayPal's Accounting Transaction object also has virtual webhook support to enable time-sensitive functionality in your application with the most up-to-date and accurate data.

Ready to access PayPal data alongside other platforms like Stripe and GoCardless? Create a free account to add integrations to your application.

New Integrations

In addition to PayPal, we released the following integrations  are now available:

HeavenHR (HR)

HeavenHR is a cloud-based HR management software that streamlines payroll, recruitment, and employee management for small to medium-sized businesses. Access your customers' Employee and Time Off data.

BigCommerce (Commerce)

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides businesses with scalable solutions to build, customize, and grow their online stores. Access your customers' commerce and accounting data.

Insightly (CRM)

Insightly is a CRM and project management software that helps businesses organize contacts, manage projects, and track their customer interactions. Access your customers' sales data.

Instantly.ai (Marketing)

Instantly.ai is an AI-powered marketing platform that optimizes lead generation with AI. Access your customers' lead data.

Expanded virtual webhook support

Webhooks are critical for time-sensitive features like e-commerce inventory management, invoicing, and financial insights. Unfortunately, the majority of SaaS APIs do not support them natively. In the 2024 State of SaaS APIs, a report that analyzes 145+ APIs, we found that 89% of APIs do not have native webhook support.

That's why we introduced Virtual Webhooks, through Unified.to's virtual webhooks, we've added webhook-like functionality to 77 of our integrations and 218 objects, which provides a consistent callback interface and ensures developers always have access to fresh customer data. Our webhook API is the same for virtual and native webhooks.

This month, we've created virtual webhooks for the following integrations and objects:

  • BambooHR — Candidate and Application
  • JobAdder — Company, Contact, Interview
  • Workable — Application, Candidate and Job
  • Zoho Books — Item, Organization, Account, Transaction, Taxrate and Employee
  • Xero - Timeoff
  • QuickBooks - Organization
  • Plum — Candidate
  • Mailchimp - List
  • Greenhouse - Scorecard
  • Gem - Document
  • Cornerstone — Group an Employee
  • Affinity — Event
  • Zoho CRM - Lead, Company, Contact, and Deal
  • Freshteam — Employee
  • FactorialHR - Timeoff
  • MYOB - Employee
  • iCIMS - Employee

Payslip and Time Off support

We've enhanced our unified HR API  with support for two new objects: Payslip and Time off. This customer data allows you to streamline payroll processes, automate salary calculations, and power workforce insights for your users.

Payslip: Access your customers' payslip data from your HR integrations, including pay period, paid or unpaid, approval status, and comments.

Read documentation

Time Off: Access your customers' time off data (absences, leaves, vacations) from your HR integrations, including the time off request period, approval status, and any comments or notes associated with the time off request.

Read documentation

Expanded Pagination support

We've added Pagination support to many of our integrations and objects, including:

Zoho Books

  • Zoho Books Item added updated_gte pagination support
  • Zoho Books Organization added updated_gte pagination support
  • Zoho Books Account added updated_gte pagination support
  • Zoho Books Transaction added query, sort_by_created_at, sort_by_name, sort_by_updated_at and updated_gte pagination support
  • Zoho Books Taxrate added updated_gte pagination support
  • Zoho Books Employee added updated_gte pagination support
  • Zoho Books Contact added type pagination support


  • Xero Timeoff added offset, order, sort_by_created_at and sort_by_updated_at pagination support
  • Xero Contact added type pagination support


  • Shopify Collection added type pagination support
  • Shopify Employee added updated_gte and query pagination support


  • Salesforce Event added type pagination support
  • Salesforce Deal added company_id and contact_id pagination support
  • Salesforce Company added contact_id and deal_id pagination support
  • Salesforce Contact added company_id and deal_id pagination support

By ensuring more of our integrations support pagination, we've optimized loading times and provided you with more control over data handling. By allowing for incremental data fetching, we enhance user experience, reduce load times, and improve the scalability of your applications as they grow.

See more pagination updates on the Unified.to changelog

Writable fields enhancement

We're determined to provide software companies with the most robust and flexible unified API platform. This month we've continued to expand writable fields to enable real-time data manipulation (updates, deletions, creations) as well as increase interactivity and automation in your application through one API.

The following integrations and objects have new writable fields:

  • Stripe Payment added new writable fields: total_amount, reference, notes, invoice_id, currency and contact_id
  • Stripe Invoice added new writable fields: paid_amount
  • GoCardless Link added new writable fields: lineitems, currency, contact_id and amount
  • Bullhorn Company added new writable fields: websites, user_id, telephones, industry, employees, description and address
  • Bullhorn Interview added new writable fields: job_id and candidate_id
  • HiBob Employee added new writable fields: title, manager_id and hired_at, telephones, and employee_number
  • Recruiterflow Candidate added new writable fields: user_id
  • Greenhouse Candidate added new writable fields: external_identifier
  • Crelate Candidate added new writable fields: user_id
  • Checkr Candidate added new writable fields: external_identifier
  • Bullhorn Candidate added new writable fields: user_id and external_identifier
  • Bullhorn Application added new writable fields: status
  • Xero Contact added new writable fields: tax_number and currency
  • BambooHR Application added new writable fields: status
  • Workable Application added new writable fields: answers
  • Greenhouse Application added new writable fields: answers

See more writable and readable field updates on the Unified.to changelog

Event Notifications

Event notifications make it easy to stay informed about your account activity. This new feature allows you to  instantly notify an end-user if their connection is unhealthy, usually indicating a need for re-authentication, and to ensure visibility into your account's usage to avoid unexpected overages.

You can also use event notifications to link an end user's connection to their specific record by listening to the connection_created event and referring to the external_xref field.

Go to Settings > Workspace to insert a Webhook Notifications URL and select the events you want to track.

You can receive notifications for the following events:

  • connection_created
  • connection_deleted
  • connection_healthy
  • connection_paused
  • connection_unhealthy
  • connection_unpaused
  • connection_updated
  • integration_activated
  • integration_deactivated
  • integration_updated
  • user_created, user_deleted
  • webhook_created
  • webhook_deleted
  • workspace_80percent_limit
  • workspace_over_limit
  • workspace_updated

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