How Humi delivers a faster onboarding experience with Unified.to

March 5, 2024

Humi, a leading cloud-based HR software solution, strategically chose Unified.to as their preferred integration partner to streamline the provisioning of employee data from third-party HRIS systems. As a result, Humi expedited its customer onboarding process and achieved a remarkable engineering feat in just one month.


Company: HR software solution

Use case: Pull employee data from HRIS systems

Time savings: Approx. 7 years of engineering time (for building integrations)

Cost savings: Approx. $700K - $1M in value (for building integrations)

Results: 25 integrations in one month

Integrations expedite customer onboarding

Since launching in 2016, Humi, a cloud-based HR software solution, has been single-minded in their mission to provide Canadian companies with a modern and complete HR Solution.

They've been growing steadily ever since and have recently been named one of six new Canadian companies on track to reach $1 billion in revenue by 2030.

Humi's customers gain access to HR, payroll, benefits, hiring, time off, time tracking, and more in one streamlined solution. Most importantly, the all-in-one software ensures Humi's customers can fulfil multiple HR and recruitment tasks through a single platform.

To enhance user experience and customer satisfaction, Humi aimed to integrate with HRIS providers to simplify onboarding for new companies and minimize the time they would need to spend adding employees to Humi. However, the engineering team anticipated a 3-6 month timeframe to develop just one integration, which significantly delayed efforts to improve their onboarding.

Onboarding is critical to customer adoption. According to one report, 74% of users will switch solutions if the onboarding process is complicated.

Humi saved 7+ years of integration development time

Determined to simplify their onboarding experience with HRIS integrations, Humi selected Unified.to as their integration partner, citing Unified.to's straightforward approach to integrations, visibility into customer connections through the dashboard, and responsiveness to customer integration requests as the deciding factors.

"Unified is impressively fast at responding to our integration requests and adding them within days. Humi is on a mission to become the ultimate streamlined HRIS platform for Canadians, and offering direct integrations through Unified.to brings tremendous value to our customers."

— Kevin Kliman, CEO, Humi

In just one month, one engineer, in collaboration with a technical lead and product manager, was able to launch 25 HRIS integrations to provision employee data. In four weeks they were able to achieve what would have equated to more than seven years of engineering time, which doesn't encompass the additional effort required to maintain each individual API.

Before Unified.to, Stoyanovski, described integration development as a "full-time job," which involved having to access third-party API documentation, identify limitations from each API, and build to various requirements.

After assessing alternatives, the team determined Unified.to provided the integration solution Humi needed, which included clear API documentation, a powerful dashboard, and the ability to turn on and off integrations without any code changes.

Whenever Humi has an integration question or support issue they can conveniently reach Unified.to's integration experts in their dedicated Slack channel.

By choosing Unified.to, Humi accelerates their roadmap

Humi was able to add 25 HRIS integrations in just a couple of sprints. Before using Unified.to, their customer onboarding process involved manually uploading CSV files from various software systems to add employee information. By choosing to power their integrations through Unified.to Humi now supports a broad section of HRIS integrations, streamlining their onboarding experience and saving their customers valuable time.

"It's great to hear reactions to our integrations during sales demos and demonstrate how quick and easy it is to move to Humi," said Stoyanovski.

Humi underscores the comprehensiveness of their all-in-one HR solution by offering a range of integrations. The HR software leader can continue to support future integration demands without diverting their engineers' focus from core product innovation, which is made possible through the continued partnership with Unified.to.

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