Introducing Unified.to's Messaging API

May 22, 2024

We're pleased to announce the latest addition to our real-time unified API: our Messaging API!

This API gives your application access to chats and emails from the most popular messaging applications…

…all from a single interface.

Get emails and chat messages with a single model

Our new Messaging API provides an object model that abstracts away not just the differences between messaging providers, but the difference between emails and chat messages. To the API, they're all messages, whether it's an email in Microsoft Outlook or a chat message in Slack.

This approach allows your application to treat the most popular email and chat providers as a single source of messages, all messages as the same data type, and every end user's messaging across providers as a single message history.

So many messages, so many possibilities

Access to customer and company emails and chat messages can turn into a wealth of business insights. Even a simple search for key words and phrases over a collection of company emails and chat messages can provide a useful record of a project or initiative.

However, when used in conjunction with AI — or more specifically, large language models (LLMs) — message data becomes a treasure trove of actionable information. Here are some use cases:

  • Summarizing corporate conversations: Combine an LLM with the Messaging API to create a summary of internal discussions over email and chat over days, months, and even years. These summaries can be as simple as a one-page précis or a full report.
  • Creating tickets from informal requests: Customers often report bugs or issues through email and chat, bypassing any official ticketing system or process. An LLM can find these "unofficial" bug reports, and when combined with our CRM or Ticketing APIs, can generate an appropriate event or ticket.
  • Automating customer / contact responses: Save time by crafting AI-generated replies for specific, well-defined cases where the number of incoming messages is large and a timely response is required.
  • Customer insights: Our Messaging API provides real-time data from customer communications over email and chat that you can use in AI models to perform sentiment analysis, identify customer pain points, spot trends in customer preferences and behavior, and gain other insights.

Try Our Messaging API Now

Our unified Messaging API is available on all Unified.to workspaces on every plan — even our free one. Once you've created your Unified.to account, you can activate integrations to LLMs and 170+ SaaS integrations in seconds and start building applications that can provide analysis and insights from messaging and other real-time data.

See how easy it is to use our real-time unified API by signing up for our free 30-day unlimited-use Tester plan.