Introducing the unified file storage API

January 3, 2024

Today we are introducing file storage integrations! Connect your app to various file storage systems using our unified storage API to access your customers' files and folders. Deploy multiple file storage integrations at once — in hours — instead of building them individually.

Our unified storage API includes the following pre-built integrations:

You can list files, query folders, and download the file contents. To view the detailed feature support of each file storage integration, create a free Unified.to account or log in.

File storage use cases

Direct access to your customers' preferred files storage systems can benefit your app's functionality and user experience in a variety of ways.

HR document management

Easily store and retrieve employee records, resumes, and onboarding documents from diverse file storage sources, ensuring a centralized and efficient user workflow.

Candidate file handling

Simplify the organization and accessibility of candidate resumes, portfolio samples, and interview feedback stored across different platforms during the talent acquisition process.

Sales collateral management

Allow sales reps to quickly query multiple file sources, access and share proposal documents effortlessly within a single app.

Accounting record-keeping

Manage your customers' receipts and financial documents stored across platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox within your app for streamlined financial record-keeping.

What is a unified storage API?

A unified storage API is a singular interface that consolidates access to and management of files and folders across different storage software systems. Our unified storage API normalizes customer data from multiple file storage APIs, allowing developers to list and retrieve files and folders without having to build an individual integration for each file storage system.

Benefits of our unified storage API

1. Faster time to market

Using our unified storage API eliminates the need to have to build file storage integrations individually. The unified approach saves months of engineering time and effort, allowing software teams to deploy multiple integrations simultaneously.

2. Secure by default

Unified.to prioritizes the security of your customers' sensitive third-party data. None of our APIs store or scrape your customers' data, so you can securely access files and folders from your customers' accounts.

3. Maintain integration health

Eliminate integration tech debt and simplify ongoing third-party API maintenance. Unified.to regularly tests integrations, monitors for updates and notifies you of the health of your connections.

Pricing and availability

Our unified storage API is available to all Unified.to Workspaces on every plan. Once you've created your Unified.to account, activate files storage integrations in seconds, preview your user authorization experience, run integration tests, and deploy to production in days.

Unified.to has a flexible pricing model based on monthly API request usage. Get started with a tester account and receive 2,500 complementary API requests.

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