Unified.to Mar 2024 product updates

March 28, 2024

We're known for shipping weirdly fast, and this month is no different. Our real-time unified API platform now has more than 150+ pre-built integrations with 450+ distinct objects across 12 industries, including E-commerce, Payment, Accounting, ATS, CRM, Authentication, and more.

What's new:

Virtual Webhooks

Unified.to's virtual webhooks now support 70+ integrations. In the 2024 State of SaaS APIs report, we found that only 11% of SaaS APIs have built-in support for native webhooks, which means developers would need to implement their own polling strategies. Our virtual webhooks add webhook-like functionality to APIs that don't support them, ensuring all our integrations have a consistent callback interface.

How our virtual webhooks work:

  • Unified.to monitors your customer connections for updates to data objects and notifies your webhook URL of those changes
  • Unified.to handles polling, rate-limiting, and state management
  • Subscribe to and manage virtual webhooks just as you would for native webhooks
  • Choose between virtual and native webhooks for individual objects

When activating an integration in Unified.to, click on the Feature Support tab to see which webhook types are supported.

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New Integrations

You can now add the following pre-built integrations to your app:

Ameego (HR)

Ameego is employee scheduling software for restaurants. Access your customers' workforce data (employee).

Bold (Commerce, Accounting, Authentication)

Bold is an e-commerce solution focused on checkout experiences. Access your customers' commerce and payment data. You can also enable SSO through Bold.

Intercom (Ticketing, HR, Authentication)

Intercom offers messaging and communication solutions for customer support. Access your customers' ticketing and workforce data. You can also enable SSO through Intercom.

MYOB (HR, Authentication)

MYOB provides accounting, payroll, and business management software. Access your customers' workforce data (employee) and enable SSO through MYOB.

GoCardless (Accounting, Payment, Authentication)

GoCardless is a global payment platform specialized in direct debit services. Access your customers' accounting and payment data. You can also enable SSO through GoCardless.

Gem (HR, ATS)

Gem is an all-in-one recruitment solution. Access your customers' workforce and recruitment data.

Holded (HR, CRM, Accounting, Commerce, Marketing, Payment)

Holded is business management and accounting software. Access your customers' data from Holded across 6+ API categories.

Marketing360 (HR, CRM)

Marketing360 is a comprehensive marketing platform for small businesses. Access your customers' workforce and selling data.

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We've released a ton of enhancements and more feature support across our integrations. Here's a preview:

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Report: 2024 State of SaaS APIs

We released our first industry report this month: the 2024 State of SaaS APIs. Inside, we analyze 145+ APIs we've worked with to build our platform, covering everything from authentication to webhooks. This report highlights the complexity of working with SaaS APIs, data from actual usage, and best practices.

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Humi delivers faster onboarding with Unified.to

Humi, a leading cloud-based HR software solution, strategically chose Unified.to as their preferred integration partner to streamline the provisioning of employee data from other HRIS systems. As a result, Humi expedited its customer onboarding process and achieved a remarkable engineering feat in just one month.

  • Saved 7+ years of engineering time
  • Saved $700 - $1M in engineering costs
  • Launched 25 integrations in one month

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Unified.to wins the CIX Top 20 Early Award

We're proud to share that Unified.to has been recognized as one of Canada's most outstanding technology companies. We received the CIX Top 20 Early Award and our CEO & Co-founder Roy Pereira spoke on stage during the CIX Summit in Toronto.

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Workable Partnership

We've teamed up with Workable to help software companies accelerate their Workable integration launches. With Unified.to, developers integrate once to launch Workable and 150+ APIs simultaneously in hours, not years. One of our customers, HeroHunt.ai launched 22+ ATS integrations through Unified.to and partnered with Workable this month.

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DMZ Partnership

We've partnered with the DMZ, a business incubator for early-stage technology startups part of Toronto Metropolitan University. We're helping startups build integrations faster and scale their companies by offering Unified.to credits, one-on-one technical advice, and access to co-marketing opportunities.

Interested in joining our startup program? Get in touch.